Alyssa Latorre


Name: Alyssa Latorre

Follow: @alyssa_latorre08

Gym affiliation: Fighting Chance BJJ & Fitness

Coaches: Professor Kevin, Professor Julian, Coach Steve

Favorite Grappler:
Current belt: Orange White
Nickname:  Hopefully to be earned
Main Achievement:  Being invited to compete in 3 Super Fights


About Me:

I have been training for five years and would recommend Jiu Jitsu to anyone for a number of reasons. My top choices are...

Being able to defend yourself if you get into a situation. Also, Jiu-Jitsu helps build confidence, self-esteem, physical strength and endurance.


My advice for anyone looking to train or is new to training is to stick with the simple moves in the beginning. Having good fundamentals before trying the more advance techniques is very important. The simple moves are the foundation that will help maintain focus and avoid frustration. 


Jiu-Jitsu definitely helps me to remain focused in school and overcome difficult situations. I can also defend myself if needed!


The biggest key to my success as a competitor has been having a good foundation of reliable techniques that I can use at all times while I continue my training to master each submission one by one.