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Protect Ya Neck MMA

Protect Ya Neck MMA Comp Killa Backpack

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Show up to the gym or your next competition in style


  • Made of durable, stain resistant, water resistant, high quality polyester
  • Strong zipper to keep your items secure
  • Oversized main compartment, two side compartments and bottom compartment fit all of your MMA needs:
    • Gi Kimono
    • Rash guard
    • Shorts
    • Mouthguard
    • Finger tape
    • Toiletries
    • Washable inner bag (to place your worn/dirty items to prevent the inside of the bag from getting dirty)
    • Towel
    • Change of clothes
    • Water bottle
    • Slide sandals
    • Head gear
    • Gloves

Customer Reviews

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Juan Paredes
BJJ Gift Bag

We were looking for a BJJ bag for our Daughter who had a birthday coming up and thought this would be a great gift, Since she had a rash guard from Protect Ya Neck we decided to take a look to see if they had a bag and sure enough they did. This bag is a great fits all her gear and she use it in her NewBreed competition in April and it so awesome that we know two people that sponsor this products Professor Yanni and Alyssa. We look forward to many good products from Protect Ya Neck!

Happy to know you enjoy the bag! I hope you made out well at the competition Thanks for the shout!!