Charlotte "Queen Bee" Baumgarner



Name: Charlotte Baumgarner

Nickname: Queen Bee

Follow: @charlottekeahi_b

Gym affiliations: Alameda Jujitsu Academy - Hilo, Hawaii

Coaches: Jordan Alameda 

 Favorite Grappler(s):

         My favorite grapplers in Jiu Jitsu are Gordan Ryan, Diego Reis (Baby shark), Kade Ruotolo, and Mica Galvao.


Current Belt rank:

I received my yellow belt this year on July 31, 2022


Nickname origin: Being that I have been very active in sports since a very young age, my parents, and family have always referred to me as their “Queen Bee”.  It’s been a group effort to help keep me going as far as my very busy schedule and I receive help from my family with no question as they all support me so strongly and only want the best for me as I pursue my dreams in Jiu Jitsu. Carrying this name brings me great pride, and keeps me determined to make family, and team proud.


Main achievements:


How long have you been training and why would you recommend someone to train jiujitsu?

I have been training Jujitsu for six years. I strongly recommend Jujitsu to anyone because I believe that having a daily routine is important. Practicing every day, regardless of what kind of day you had, I strongly believe training gives me and anyone who trains a reset great for a new day. I think people need this because it helps with not just practice but performing our daily life routines.



Can you offer any advice to a white belt or someone looking to train in Brazilian jiujitsu

Aside from, “PROTECT YA NECK!!!” People should come to Jujitsu with an open mind. Plan to be ready to listen to your professor and practice with everything you have, every time. This sport is very challenging but so rewarding.



How does jiujitsu help you in school or in other areas of your life?

In my opinion, training Jiu Jitsu helps me in everyday life… EVERY DAY. When I say this, I mean I feel training daily is not only good physically to keep me healthy but i feel like it helps me be disciplined at home and school.



What are the main keys to your success this far as a high level competitor?


         Consistency, in all forms of mind, body and spirit is the only way I can do what I do. Staying consistent in mind to me means always staying focused. Here’s my example - On bad days I will always reflect and focus on the steps needed to be taken to make improvements and on good days I reflect on the practice, technique and matches to make sure I am fully aware of what I learned and practiced. So, no matter what kind of day it was at practice, I will reflect on how it went to keep my mental game strong. In competition and the sprot period, mental game is so important.

I believe very strongly in recovery. Stretching and nutrition. Making sure and being aware that my body has all the nutrients it needs to refuel before and in between practices and throughout the week as I know with so much physical activity my body needs to be refueled. As an athlete I believe strongly in this to prevent injury and remain healthy.


Lastly, gratitude. I always make sure at all the times possible, all the times that many may miss and take advantage of, to be grateful. Grateful for my health. My mentality. My support. I feel if any of this is overlooked I have failed because gratitude is a big part of how I want to be seen. Always humble and grateful.