Kenji Clark


Name: Kenji Clark

Follow: @kenjic_bjj

Gym affiliations: Essential Jiujitsu, Risky Legends, Zombies BJJ PA

Coaches: JT Torres, Nick Nate Navarro, Chino Velez

Favorite Grapplers: Mikey Musumeci, Rutolo Brothers

Current belt level: Yellow White

Nickname: Kimura Kid

Main achievements:

  • 2022 Ibjjf Pan Am Gold Medalist Grey Belt
  • 2022 Ibjjf Atlanta Open Silver Medalist
  • 2022 Naga Worlds Double Gold Medalist
  • 2022 Good Fight Pans Sub only Double Gold Medalist

How long have you been training and why would you recommend someone to train Jiu Jitsu?

I started training at about 3 years old as an after school activity, but I really started taking it serious after my first competition. I recommend kids train JiuJitsu because you get in good shape, make a lot of friends, and build confidence in yourself.


Can you offer any advice to a white belt or someone looking to train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu…

Find a teacher that makes it fun for you so you enjoy training. Also, getting a partner that is about your age and weight so you can keep pushing each other.


How does Jiu Jitsu help you in school or in other areas of your life?

Doing JiuJitsu at a high level and keeping good grades is really hard, but it makes you work hard and teaches you that if you put in the work you can do anything you want.

What are the main keys to your success so far as a high level competitor?

Hard work and finding people that are better than you to train with. If you only go with kids that aren’t as good as you, you will never get better.